• EB2 series

EB2 series

* Up to 40 Watt output power
* Regulated output
* 4:1 wide range input voltage (9~36VDC, 18~75VDC)
* Efficiency up to 91%
* Low Ripple&Noise
* Meets EMI EN55022 class B
* 1600VDC isolation voltage
* Under-Voltage Lock-Out(UVLO)
* Input Over Voltage Protection
* Over Temperature Protection(OTP)
* Over Current Protection(OCP)
* Output Short Protection(SCP)
* Output Over Voltage Protection(OVP)
* Output Voltage Adjustable (Trim,Option)
* Remote ON/OFF Control
(Positive/Negative-Logic , Option)
* 2” x 1” package
* Industrial standard pin-out
* UL94V-0 package material
* Meets UL60950-1 safety
* -40~85℃operating temperature range

EB2 Series  provide up to 30~40 Watt , Efficiency is up to 91% , Insulation-Regulating-DC/DC Converter in standard 2”x 1”package,allow an Ultra-Wide Input Voltage range of 9~36 VDC and 18~75VDC , output offers 5V , 12V , 15V , ±5V , ±12V, and ±15V,EMI meet to EN55022 Class-B , Low Ripple & Noise (<40mV) ,and with Input Under-Voltage Lock-Out , Input Over Voltage Protection , Over Current Protection/Output Short Protection , Over Temperature Protection , Output Over Voltage Protection and Optional Functions.

●Protections & Optional Functions
△ EMI meet to EN55022 Class-B(No Extral Components)
△ Low Ripple & Noise (<40mV)
△ Under-Voltage Lock-out(UVLO)
△ Input Over Voltage Protection
△ Over Current Protection(OCP) 
△ Output Short Protection(SCP)
△ Over Temperature Protection(OTP)
△ Output Over Voltage Protection(OVP)
△ Output Voltage Adjustable (Trim)
△ Remote ON/OFF Control(Positive/Negative-Logic , Option)

△ Automatic Control System
△ Industry Computer
△ Communication System
△ Distribute Power System
△ Movable/Portable Test Equipment

Part Name Description:
Vin Single/DualVout–EB2–IoutOptional Function–Suffix Code
Ex : 18S5V0–EB2–8A00PT–xxxxxx
18: Nominal Input Voltage  ---  18VDC, Input Voltage range : 9~36 VDC
S: Output Parts ---  S : Single Output  ;  D : Dual Output
5V0: Nominal Output Voltage  ---  5.0 VDC
8A00: Iout-max  ---  8000 mA
P: Optional Function  ---  P : Positive Logic  ;  N : Negative Logic
T: Optional Function  ---  T : Output Voltage Trim
xxxxxx: Suffix Code


1)All specifications are measured at nominal input voltage, load between Min. and Max. Output current, and probe bandwidth should be under 20MHz, Ta = +25℃.
2)If Load is lower than Min. Output Current or no-Load, it will be without damage issue , however, may not meet all specifications.
3)Output Ripple & Noise Test please connect a Capacitor 10uF (1206/X7R/16V/MLCC) .
4)An external fuse is needed at the front end of DC/DC converters, it could protect based on surge current and maximum input current , fuse is Slow-Blow Type .
5)Other Input Voltages, Output Voltages and Specifications may be available, please contact us.

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